trois mission

To enlightens (through education), inspire (through real-life experiences), to guide (through knowledge, skills and experience) and to walk people throughout the TROIS metamorphosis journey so that dreams could flourish and manifest into reality.


A Truthful and
Authentic Transformation

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… well, when it comes to weight loss, nothing strikes home more than a few remarkable “before” and “after” shots. Unfortunately, in today’s digital age, there are many ways before-and-after photos or advertisement can be misleading. Turning slim celebrities into heftier versions of themselves (or vice versa) with subtle changes; of 10-20 pounds, can look so real which most of us cant’ differentiate the real from the fake.This campaign is to provide us with a reality check on what’s real vs. what’s fake. Here at TROIS International, we don’t hire actresses or celebrity for product endorsement nor to market a make-believe result ; only real people who faced with real problem, with real solution, demonstrate real result !


An Extraordinary Feat
Achieved By Ordinary People

Metamorphosis turns a caterpillar into glorious butterfly. It is a miraculous transformation of nature. Yet… this is an everyday occurrence here at TROIS International. Customers here undergo an all round beauty evolution. Your journey to be the best of you begins here. Be part of our everyday transformation. Welcome to our world of Everyday Miracle.


A Journey into the
Mystery of Beauty Reveals

Finding the right healthy yet beneficial Natural Extreme Make-Over (NEMO) program to nip one’s problem from “the Cause rather than the Symptom” is never easy. The high budget marketing Hype, Advance Graphic Technology application, Impressive and expensive business setup, high profile celebrity endorsement and all sorts of commercial ‘Product Awards’ many at times clouds a customers ability in making the right choice based on facts rather than emotion. “NEMO My Story” is the true beauty transformation journey that our customer experienced and their results captured and documented.