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TROIS Total Beauty, Health & Fitness
Transformation Challenge.

At TROIS International, we believe that the union between Diet, Nutrition & Lifestyle (Movement) holds the key to true Wellness & Fitness. It’s easy to focus on one component and forget about the others, and that’s why we’ve created the TROIS NEMO CHALLENGE — to demonstrate the true potential of TROIS’ holistic approach to wellness & fitness.

The TROIS NEMO CHALLENGE is a 90 Days Journey designed based on TROIS Signature Program to help individuals upgrade their lives quality by improving their Beauty, Health & Fitness markers.

This 90 Days period offers a new piece to your puzzle to help remove obstacle, break down plateaus by strengthening your mindset & knowledge, adding simple to do movement, effective exercise and/or nutritional elements that you weren't currently doing.

In just 90 Days, you will be convinced how with much lesser effort (workout time & intensity), more enjoyable & flexible diet (no calorie counting) and simple to follow lifestyle could still produce that (your) massive all-round transformation result!

The TROIS NEMO PROGRAM has transformed over 10,000 satisfied customers in Asia alone since 2005 and they have since became a REAL Life Celebrity in their own rights! And best of all, all customers had a boosted Confidence, gain affirmation that “They Can”, receive flattering praises from their colleagues and friends, became a role model for their peers & children and improved quality of Life; personal & family!

Action Time!

Everyday you have 2 Choices : Continue to Dream-On or you can et up and turn Dreams into Reality! Never go thru the motions. You only have one life. Live it to the fullest. Take Action Now! Be the best version of you… You will never regret it!

After you have completed your own “TROIS NEMO Challenge”, just click on the below form to submit your transformation result and observation. Your Program Specialist will walk you thru it to make sure your best result is documented and submitted for the Challenge!

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