Eric Chang

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“I lost 10 kgs in just 3 months. Beside the amazing physical transformation, my metabolic health condition also improved greatly! In just 3 months, the same clothes showed a different me. What i am most fascinated is that the whole process did not affect my lifestyle and diet preference much; it was indeed enjoyable and easy to accommodate!”


Eric Chang


I tried many different slimming products, meal replacements, a variety of slimming diet concepts and even tried starving in the hope of losing weight. Initially, it showed short term result but, in the end, I couldn’t stick to it because it was very hard to sustain or it is talking toll on my health and life quality

When i tried on TROIS KetoEssentials, the program was easy to follow. Most important thing is that I can eat a lot of food during the program without mentally challenging to stick to it. I can still enjoy dinner with my family and friends without affecting my life at all. It is indeed a very enjoyable program.

Without realizing it :
• In just 3 months, I have lost a total of 10kg.
• In just 3 months, I look so different in the same clothes.
• Throughout the 3 months, I enjoyed the slimming journey.

I am very satisfied with the results, and I will continue TROIS KetoEssentials program. I look forward to continuing the program to achieve my healthy weight and further improve my metabolic health markers to achieve its ideal level. I highly recommend to those who want to lose weight fast, safe, and healthily to give TROIS KetoEssentials program a GO! You will be surprise!