Yong Kui Pin

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Before started KetoEssentials weight management program, I used to have a huge belly due to sedentary lifestyle. Being overweight caused me to feel tired and sleepy easily, especially after meal. My body showed signal of underlying health issues too, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and snoring during sleep. After taking KetoEssentials weight management program for one month, I have successfully lost 4.5kg and my belly had became flatter too! What benefit me the most in this transformation journey was that my digestive system has greatly improved! I used to have severe constipation where I only experienced one to two bowel movement a week. Constipation have been troubled me for nearly 30 years and I’m really grateful that I have a healthy digestive system now. Getting rid of excessive fats helped to improve on my overall health as well, my cholesterol and high blood pressure level have returned to normal. Besides, my wife told me that I no longer snore at night! Without the huge belly, I felt that I’m more energetic and focus better during work now. My energy recovered quickly even after I went for an outstation business trip. KetoEssentials weight management program does not only remove my fat belly but also to have a healthier lifestyle.

Yong Kui Pin, 52 years old, Selangor, Malaysia
"I have get rid of multiple health issues!"