Yong Kui Eng

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My family and I have always been TROIS’ loyal customers and we love TROIS products! Initially, I started KetoEssentials weight management program for 16 days. In just short 16 days, I have successfully lost 3 kg, especially the fats on my belly. My body shape had became better. Then, I continue taking BeautyEssentials for about a year now. Fatigue that was caused by anemia had reduced too. My stamina has greatly improved as well. I used to take about one to two week to recover my energy after travelling but now I’m able to recover quickly. I’m currently in Peri-menopause, BeautyEssentials helps me to regulate my hormones naturally and calm my emotions. Apart from significant drop in estrogen levels, I do not experience other troublesome or unpleasant symptoms that come along. I maintain my body weight and shape well with BeautyEssentials. There is no weight gain or rebound despite undergoing hormones changes in the body. Unlike some of my friends, I do not have “spare tyre” around my belly which make me really grateful. TROIS KetoEssentials and BeautyEssentials have truly improve and change my lifestyle quality.

Yong Kui Eng, 53 years old, Selangor, Malaysia
“I didn’t suffer from symptoms that come along during peri-menopause!”