Tan Yoke Kham

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8 years ago, I had successfully lost 10kg! My cholesterol and fatty liver have returned to normal. During that time, I received TROIS best transformation award too! After weight lost, I can finally enjoy more food. Within this 8 years, I would retake KetoEssentials weight management program occasionally in order to eliminate toxin and excess fat from my body. My constipation problem has relieved too. Even though I no longer consume KetoEssentials, I’m still able to visit the toilet everyday. After weight lost, I felt more relax and energetic, and of course more confidence. Many friends could not believe that I’m over 50 years old now, and they complimented me that I look younger. Most importantly, I’m still able to maintain my weight as I was 8 years ago. Despite I’m 8 years older now, but I feel that my body and my look is younger than 8 years ago and I’m more confidence, healthier and prettier.

Tan Yoke Kham, 53 years old, Perak, Malaysia
"I received TROIS best transformation award!"