Tan Yee Wan

Posted by Marshall 23/08/2018 0 Comment(s)


When I just started using BEVOKE oral skincare, I found out that it helps to firm up my muscle around my face and body area. In just a short period of 12 days, my face become more elastic and youthful. Firmer skin on my face gives the face lifting effect and helps me to achieve the perfect V-shape face. Besides that, the muscle on my arms and buttocks became firmer as well which allows me to have a nice body figure and looks good in tight clothing. Additionally, my skin has became smoother! Apart from that, I have constipation problem all these years and BeautyEssentials have helped me to resolved that problem. Besides that, I always suffer from backache due to my work. After using BeautyEssentials, I no longer suffer from backache. I feel more energetic and more focus during work. I am very satisfied with the results I get from BeautyEssentials and I will continue to consume it.

Tan Yee Wan, 31 years old, Selangor, Malaysia
"It gives the face-lifting effect and achieve V-shape face!"