Tan Soo Lan

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My menopause symptoms started with mood swing and get irritated easily. I had sleep disturbances due to hot flashes. If I sleep at 10pm, I will wake up at 2am and I’m not able to fall sleep again. I used to spend the midnight baking cake and making bread. Sleep disorders led me to fatigue, anxiety and not able to focus during day time. Thus, I have to force myself to sleep late at 1am to prevent sleep disorders. My constipation got serious during peri-menopause too. Despite I tried to have more fiber intake, but it worsen my constipation problem. Then, my daughter bought me BeautyEssentials wellness program. What surprised me was my constipation problem is getting back to normal. I no longer have hard stools and I do not need to spend a long time in the toilet anymore. My sleep cycle is getting back to normal too. I have 8 hours sleep every day without any disturbance. Three months of BeautyEssentials wellness program supplies me with nutrients that nourish my skin. My eye bags had disappeared and my face looks firmer and younger too. Thanks BeautyEssentials wellness program, it makes my life better!

Tan Soo Lan, 52 years old, Selangor, Malaysia
“I no longer have hard stools!”