Peony's Family

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peony's family

I(mother) first started KetoEssentials weight management program with my husband. He was suffering from high cholesterol, plus several other health problems that motivated us to pay attention to our health. Thus we decided to lose some weight to be healthier. After consuming KetoEssentials, we not only lost weight, but our health have improved too. Most importantly my husband cholesterol level returned to normal. My aunt suffers from the same problem as my husband – high cholesterol. I thought this program might be suitable for her. I was excited and I shared our result to my aunt and my daughter. My aunt and daughter decided to give KetoEssentials a try too. My aunt has successfully lost 3kg in just 8 days and my daughter managed to lost 8kg in 6 weeks. The result was amazing and surprising. We continue with BeautyEssentials to maintain our weight and health. What matters the most is there is no weight lost rebound even after the program, but become healthier instead.

Batam, Indonesia
Wife/Mother: Peony (48)
Husband/Father: Alfian(43)
Daughter: Christine Joy (21)
Aunt : Ellis (63)
“No weight lost rebound but we have become healthier!”