Lee Suet Fung's Family

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lee suet fung's family

I (mother) am a VIP customer in Cheras outlet. I started TROIS BeautyEssentials wellness program 4 years ago. It contains 85 types of essential nutrients that provide maximum protection in health and beauty. I have continuously consume it up till today. As the result has always been effective and convincing, I decided to purchase BEVOKE (BeautyEssentials + EVOKE) for my daughter to try too. My daughter and I do not need to consume extra supplements anymore after consuming BeautyEssentials. It firms up our skin, and make our skin to be brighter, more nourish and pinkish. Particularly my daughter is currently in the stage of puberty, I think it is necessary to provide her skin a maximum protection. In addition, my daughter said that after drinking PROTEN, she is more energetic and able to focus better in her study. Apart from that, my skin slowly become less firm and an increase in wrinkles due to the aging process. I’m very happy that I’m able to maintain my look and beauty after consuming BeautyEssentials.

Selangor, Malaysia
Mother: Lee Suet Fong (52)
Daughter: Carrisa Quah (17)
“My daughter and I do not need to consume extra supplements!”