Jenny Yong's Family

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jenny's family

I first started KetoEssentials weight management program for 16 days. In just 16 days, I have successfully lost 3kg! After that I continue to consume BeautyEssentials for about a year now to maintain my health and body weight. I no longer feel Bred easily, and it regulates my hormones too. I’m able to experience a more relax peri-menopause now. I think this product is really good so I recommended it to my family. In fact, health problems like overweight, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, constipation, joint pain, etc. are pretty common at our age. Thus we must pay attention to our health. After consuming KetoEssentials and BeautyEssentials, these problems have improved. We are healthier now and our body receives sufficient nutrients too. Apart from that, younger generation experience similar problems just like two of my brother’s daughters too. Problems like overweight, period pain and skin problems plagued them in life. TROIS’ products have improved their quality of life to be more easy and healthy. Our family is TROIS loyal customer and we love their products.

Selangor, Malaysia & Sabah, Malaysia
Sister: Yong Kui Eng (53)
Sister: Stella Yong (65)
Sister: Liza Yong(61)
Brother: Yong Kui Ping (52)
Brother’s Children: Crystal Ong (24)
Brother’s Children: Ong Vui Chien (29)
“TROIS products improve the quality of life!”