Crystal Ong

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crystal ongcrystal ong
crystal ongcrystal ong

When I was younger, I looked chubby. It lowered my self-confidence and I do not dare to try stylish clothes. I started KetoEssentials weight management programme with my sisters, aimed to change body shape and to transform myself! KetoEssentials programme proved us with its successful results. I have lost 8kg in 2 months and my body age is younger by 7 years old. After weight lost, I regain my self-confidence especially during my job interview. I have successfully joined a good company and no longer afraid of getting judge for being overweight. Additionally, I can wear varieties of clothes now, especially short skirts and tight dresses. I have tried other unsuccessful ways to lose weight but KetoEssentials weight management programme was incredible! It allowed me to achieve my ideal weight and body shape in just 2 months. I truly appreciated KetoEssentials weight management programme.

Crystal Ong Yui San, 24 years old, Selangor, Malaysia
“I’m no longer afraid of getting judge for being overweight”