Celeste Lee

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celeste leeceleste lee
celeste leeceleste lee

When I first started working in TROIS, I am the only overweight beautician in the company. Customers often call me “the fat ones” as my name is hard to pronounce. Jeslyn recommended me KetoEssentials weight management programme but I did not dare to try because I have heard that many slimming products contain side effects and weight lost rebound happens. After working for three months, I had seen that many customers lost weight successfully and their medical reports became better. This made me started to trust KetoEssentials weight management programme.


I have consumed 3 sets of KetoEssentials and successfully lost 9.8kg in 3 months. KetoEssentials not only allows me to lost weight, it also brightens up my skin. I was surprised that my face features became sharper, and my double eyelids became more obvious too. My double eyelids used to be less obvious due to the presence of thick fatty tissue layer on it, and it led me to consider for eyelid liposuction. However, KetoEssentials helps to remove extra fat layer on my eyelids and the folds look more obvious after losing weight. A lot of my friends asked if I have went for an eyelid surgery, and I have received compliments from my customers too. I have more confident on my appearance now. Therefore, do not let your beauty hide under the fats.

Celeste, 23 years old, Perak, Malaysia
“Do not let your beauty hide under the fats!”