Stella Yong Kui Yun

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One month Ago, I started to join KetoEssentials weight management program. Initially, I was not consistent on the diet plan and therefore the result was not effective. My fat only started to burn after two to three weeks. In just 5th week, my waistline reduced from 32cm to 28cm and this made me looked well in dress. I love yoga and belly dance a lot. Due to presence of belly fat, my dance movements were not flexible enough. Now, I can enjoy dancing more with flat stomach! What made me even happier is my cup sizes remained the same after weight lost. This gave me a better body shape. Previously, I always felt >red and less energetic on doing anything. KetoEssentials improved my energy level and now I can continue exercising after my class. In terms of the health aspect, KetoEssentials relieved my migraine problem. I had suffered migraine for almost 20 years. It made me unable to sleep well and suffer from headache. Recently, my migraine problem has returned again. With KetoEssentials, it relieved my migraine problem and I’m able to sleep better. Now, I only experience tense feeling in my head when I stress. In addition, my menstruation complications had improved. I used to have constipation problem and always feel dehydrated few days before menstruation. My menstruation blood volume was low. Now, the menstruation volume is back to normal and I am no longer suffering from constipation! To be honest, I did not trust any slimming products/program previously and I tend to throw all the leaflets that were given to me because I believe exercise itself can help me to reduce weight. However, my belly fat still presence after long-term exercising. I am so glad to have known TROIS. It helps me to achieve my dream.

Stella Yong Kui Yun, 65 years old, Sabah, Malaysia
"KetoEssentials relieved my migraine problem!"