Soh Siaw Chen

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I own a body that belongs to a baby fat type of body shape. It could be due to the long hours of sitting in the office which makes my bottom half of the body to look bigger. I have considered many slimming product but I am always concern with the safety of the product whether it will have any side effect on my body. After understanding about TROIS product, I decided to start a one month program. In just the first week of the program, I have lost 2 kg of weights and it goes on slowly for the rest of the program. My hips become smaller and I have a curvier body now. Now, I really love to take selfies and also more bold on wearing cheongsam to events now as I have more confidence than before!

Soh Siaw Chen, 26 years old, Johor, Malaysia
“I’m more bold on wearing CheongSam now!”