San Wan Shyan

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Few years ago I started noticing that my vision becoming more blurry and losing my vision thus I decided to have a checkup on an eye specialist. Unfortunately, the doctor diagnose that I have glaucoma due to the high blood pressure in my eye and if it goes untreated, I will lose my vision and become blind. In 2014, I had an operation to reduce my eye pressure however the operation on my right eye is not successful and became worse. Thus, I need to go for operation for the second time and at the mean time I have to apply eye drops regularly to keep my eye healthy. Meanwhile I have researched on many books and found out that berries contain antioxidant which is very good for the eye sight. I found out that EVOKE contains many types of antioxidants and I decided to start consuming EVOKE. After consuming EVOKE for 6 months, my eyes aren’t that dry anymore and I no longer need to get the eye drop from the doctor. I will check up on the health of my eyes every six months. After consuming EVOKE for 6 months, I can feel that my eyes condition has improved especially on the left eye. The improvement in my vision makes me very happy! I will continue consuming EVOKE and keep improving my eye vision.

San Wan Shyan, 48 years old, Singapore
"My eye condition has improved after consuming EVOKE"