Lwi Poh Huay

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Due to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), it causes my body weight increase. My aunty introduced KetoEssentials weight management program to me and I started using it. After the program, I have successfully lose weight and slim down to 55kg. This is my 4th time on KetoEssentials weight management program. Due to after giving birth to my daughter, my body weight start increasing to 71kg. In just a short period of 2 months time, my body size had successfully reduces from L to M. My tummy also flatten significantly and I can wear back all my M size clothes. I will continue KetoEssentials Weight management program till I reaches my Ideal weight of 63kg.

Lwi Poh Huay, 31 years old, Malacca, Malaysia
"This is my 4th time on KetoEssentials programme"