Khew Suet Cheng

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I am very happy with myself as in just a short period of 10 weeks after using KetoEssentials weight management program, I had lost a total of 7.4kg without needing to starve and exercise. In the early stage of the program, due to having too many toxins in my body I always uses the washroom a lot more than average people. But as time goes by, my body return to a normal state and uses the washroom only once or twice a day. After losing 7.4kg, I am able to wear my old clothes which I am unable to wear for 5 years. This really boost my confident and self-esteem. In fact, when I was travelling abroad which causes me to temporary stop using KetoEssentials for 3 weeks, it surprised me that my body fat didn’t increase even after all the foods I enjoyed oversea. Besides that, my muscle mass has increased as well. This proves that using KetoEssentials weight management program would not allow the body fat to rebound. This makes me feel more confident on KetoEssentials.

Khew Suet Cheng, 44 years old, Selangor, Malaysia
There’s no weight rebound even after my oversea trip!