Kelly Ong

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I’m having my 2nd pregnancy and I had BeautyEssentials and EVOKE to accompany me through my pregnancy journey. I found out that there is a huge differences compared to my 1st pregnancy at 7 years back. The pregnancy this time with BeautyEssentials & EVOKE makes me feel more relax, energetic and my digestive system becomes better. In my 1st pregnancy, I used to have severe indigestion and vomiting till the day I gave birth. But this time, I feel relieves and doesn’t have any indigestion issue and constipation issue which allows me to be able to enjoy my meal. BeautyEssentials & EVOKE supply my body with 85 types of nutrients and antioxidants. My skin becomes fairer and does not have the pregnancy effect of having acne on my chest and back area like my previous pregnancy. Furthermore, I am so glad that my teeth doesn’t feel loose and tooth loss compare to my 1st pregnancy. After losing 2 teethes in my 1st pregnancy and I was not suitable for dental implant due to pregnancy, I don’t really laugh a lot as my teeth is not complete. Besides that most importantly is that the severe leg cramps during my first pregnancy did not happen again, because of that my husband and I can now have a good night’s sleep. Thank you TROIS BeautyEssentials & EVOKE, I’m now a very blessed mother which don’t have any symptoms and have a very easy and comfortable 2nd pregnancy.

Kelly Ong, , Selangor, Malaysia
"I have a easy and comfortable pregnancy!"