Jenny Kong Yann Lih

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Before I started the KetoEssentials weight management program, I’m always tired. This is because I have been working in a rotating shift and occasionally I will work on midnight shift which caused me to feel very tired. After started consuming KetoEssentials, I feel more energetic than before. Last time, I would stop half way when climbing up the stairs to catch my breath as I don’t have the strength to continue. Now, I no longer feel exhausted when climbing up the stairs and I feel that I’m full with energy. When I was overweight, I could not wear the largest uniform size that they have in the company. I have to spend more money to get a special tailored uniform. Now, I no longer need to worry about it as I get to wear all the old clothes I bought and most importantly it is not tight but very comfortable. Apart from that, I’m extremely sensitive to certain medicine ingredients thus my husband don’t allow me to simply take nutrition products and medicine easily. When I first started consuming KetoEssentials, me and my husband were very worried that the product will have any side effect on me even though it has stated that it is a non-pharmaceutical drugs slimming product. However, soon I started to see the result from KetoEssentials as it changed the aspect of my body weight, health and energy level. Thus, me and my husband no longer have to worry about this product but trusted it.

Jenny Kong Yann Lih, 47 years old, Perak, Malaysia
"I have started the programme once again with my daughter!"