Jasmine Tan

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Back in 2013, I had successfully slimmed down after taking KetoEssentials weight management programme. I’m very confident towards KetoEssentials because it is a nutritional product. Thus I started KetoEssentials weight management program again together with my daughter. KetoEssentials does not only helps to remove toxin from my body, but also burns off my body fat. What surprised me the most was I had lost 4.1kg in just one month and my body age became younger by 4 years! KetoEssentials makes me feel healthier and it is very effective. I am very happy with my transformation again. Thank you TROIS! Every woman can be beautiful as long as we have determination and efforts. I hope every woman out there can get to know TROIS weight management programme to create a more meaningful and beautiful life.

Jasmine Tan, 55 years old, Selangor, Malaysia
"I have started the programme once again with my daughter!"