Ema Fairuz

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I am a mother of four children. I started BEVOKE Oral Skin Care Program (BeautyEssentials and EVOKE) during my 4th pregnancy to ensure both of us (my baby and I) receive optimum nutrients. BeautyEssentials consists of 85 nutrients which are essential for our body. Together with EVOKE antioxidant extract, I can maintain my body’s health throughout the pregnancy. I have no morning sickness throughout pregnancy period. Most importantly, my baby delivers healthy. With sufficient nutrients to support the immunity, my baby is free from jaundice and any sickness during confinement. I will continue consuming BEVOKE during breastfeeding to ensure my baby receive optimum nutrients.

Ema Fairuz, 30 years old, Selangor, Malaysia
"I want to ensure my baby and I receive optimum nutrients!"