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Previously, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and doctor advised me to lose some weights in order to lower my cholesterol level. Hence, I was prescribed with some medicines that aid in weight loss. However, it did not reduce my weight. Instead, it caused adverse effect which increased my weight for 2 kg. During that period of time, I felt very frustrated with the results and I was introduced with KetoEssentials Weight Management Programme by one of my relatives. This is how I met TROIS. After trying out KetoEssentials Weight Management Programme, I felt so happy seeing my weight went down a lot and body shape turned better. Beginning from the first day of weight management programme, I followed the diet strictly and managed to lose 3kg in just 8 days. After one month, I’m so glad to see my weight reduced from 72kg to 65kg. I continued monitoring and maintaining my weight with BeautyEssentials Wellness Programme and very satisfied with the results. My skin has improved greatly. It becomes firmer, brighter and more radiant which made me looked prettier during Chinese New Year!

Ellis, 63 years old, Batam, Indonesia
"I lost 3kg in just 8 days!"