Dusi Ong Lee Keow

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I used to have a chubby face and excess body fat on my tummy area. After I went on KetoEssentials programme for 6 weeks, I was very impressed with the wonderful result that I got. I lost about 4.7kg during the programme. Not only that my weight reduced but my body shape improved as well. I’m so happy that I have a curvier body shape now with a slimmer face contour. I feel the firmness especially on my arms, back and belly area. A healthy weight management programme with healthy diet regime and complete 85 essential nutrients that supports my weight loss without any sagging skin issue whilst increasing my muscle firmness. Upon knowing about the benefits of BeautyEssentials, I gave this program a try and was impressed when I discovered my water retention problem improved which is very significant on my legs especially on my feet and ankles area. Even my constipation problem was solved and I do not need to suffer on stomach bloating and struggle to relieve myself in the toilet anymore. With TROIS BeautyEssentials, i feel so much more beautiful and more confident now!

Dusi Ong Lee Keow, , Singapore
“A healthy diet regime with 85 essential nutrients!”