Diana Kiing Hei Ling

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I get to know TROIS through my uncle and my friend. At the beginning, it was my uncle who tried KetoEssentials weight management programme. I was curious and wondered, “would this programme really works?” I had tried many ways to lost weight but none of them have gave me a good and long-term result. However, my uncle’s result had definitely excites me. Not long after that, one of my friends who knows me well recommended KetoEssentials programme to me too. She told me that I will be able to lose about 4-8kgs in just one month without exercise or starving. I decided to give KetoEssentials programme a try. In just two months, I have successfully lost 10kg! What really amazed me was my health improvements! My medical report has improved tremendously after the programme. My total cholesterol, triglycerides level and LDL level has dropped and thus making me a healthier person now. I do not need to take any other health supplements and medicines (except for high blood pressure) now. I am really happy with the new me especially when people complimented that I looked better, slimmer, and firmer! Thanks TROIS’s transformation programme that bring me beauty and health in life.

Diana Kiing Hei Ling, 46 years old, Sarawak, Malaysia
“My medical report has improved after the programme!”