David Tan

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I am a chocolates, biscuits and nuts lovers. I had big belly and high blood pressure for years. My daughter-in-law explained to me that big belly consists of high visceral fat that centered around our heart, liver and kidneys. High visceral fat is highly dangerous as it might leads to heart attack and stroke. Thus, I have decided to start my KetoEssentials weight management programme to reduce my belly fat. Within just 2 weeks, I have successfully get rid of my big belly with no saggy skin. I’m surprised that KetoEssentials result in such a short time! My waistline had clearly reduced and I can wear my favorite trousers again. After weight lost, my body shape had change and I felt more relaxed now. I constantly reminds myself to reduce sweet and sugar consumption for a healthier self.

David Tan, 68 years old, Selangor, Malaysia
“Big belly consists of high visceral fat that is highly dangerous.”