Cristy Chong

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After participating in the Mystical White – Beauty in a Box soft launch event, I was impressed by how this skincare product can benefits the skin in just a short period of time. I have purchased Mystical White during the event and brought it with me to Korea for my holiday. In just 8 days, I noticed that my skin had improved especially on my T-zone area which was facing blackheads problem. Those stubborn blackheads gradually disappeared day by day and I was very impressed and excited. Knowing that my skin is now more radiant, brighter, and fairer, I could not expressed how happy I am! Besides, my face had became smoother and softer now. With such impressive result, I will definitely recommend this product to everyone out there. You will surely notice how clean your face will become and how it turns brighter day by day. A skincare that awakens your youthful skin and solves your open pores/blackheads problem. Mystical White is so simple to use and with reasonable price too. Apart from that, KetoEssentials weight management programme has successfully helped me to achieve my ideal weight in a short period of time. After weight lost, I looked younger and have a better body shape. This definitely increased my confidence. I am very happy that I am able to wear varieties of clothes now! Weight lost did not made my skin looked saggy but firmer my skin instead. Other than image improvement, KetoEssentials provide plenty of health benefits for me. I am more energetic all day long. It balances my hormones and regulates my menstruation as well.

Cristy Chong, 37 years old, Selangor, Malaysia
"Weight lost did not make my skin saggy, but firmer instead."