Christine Lee

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I, myself is a vegetarian. As my weight increased, excessively amount of fats led me to multiple health issues. Thus, I have started KetoEssentials weight management programme. Within only one month, I have successfully lost 3.7kg! Most importantly, my visceral fat dropped back to normal and my body age is 3 years younger now! KetoEssentials weight management programme is a perfect programme for weight lose and body-firming. After shedding away the excess fats, my body shape had changed especially at my waist and arms area. I am more energetic than before. My skin become brighter and glows naturally too. Moreover, I can fit well on the dress that my brother bought me from United States now. I’m very satisfied with KetoEssentials weight management programme – a programme that doesn’t required to change your lifestyle yet able to slim down easily.

Christine Lee, 56 years old, Selangor, Malaysia
“A programme that doesn’t required to change your lifestyle!”

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