Choung Lin Lin

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I’m always chubby since young. When I was a teenager, people used to call me “cute” and I will never have the chance to be “pretty”. Well, at least it wasn’t that bad to have “cute” as my nickname. When I started dating, weight management was totally out of my mind. I was 70kg when I got married and I looked fat in my gown. It was a tragedy for me when I hit 80kg after giving birth. I couldn’t accept such overweight and I tried my best to lost weight. I have tried a lot of weight management products that I bought online and none of those were successful, some even led to uncomfortable symptoms and it made me worried about my health. I happened to know TROIS’s KetoEssentials weight management programme by chance. I was hesitated at first as the price was not low. However, I eventually decided to give it a try as I wanted to be slimmer and prettier. The result was out of my expectation. It was amazingly good. I lost 13kg in 4 months! My family and friends told me I have became slimmer and prettier! There is no words to describe my happiness! For me, it’s not “I love you” that makes me happy but “you have became slimmer”! All my size “XL” clothes are too loose for me now. I can finally wear more variety of clothes and dress up beautifully now! Thanks TROIS!

Choung Lin Lin, 40 years old, Sarawak, Malaysia
“The result was out of my expectation!”