Chai Sin Dee's Story

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Chai Sin Dee's Story


Chai Sin Dee, 28 years old, Selangor, Malaysia
“EVOKE resolved my health problem”

As a 28 years old who works in a lawyer firm, dealing with excessive workloads and endless stress, I had a tough time coping with my hormone imbalance and acne breakouts on my face and arms. Due to the long-term improper meal intake and dehydration, I have serious stomach protrusion and indigestion problems. In addition, my lips allergy problem refrain me from enjoying spicy food too as my lips get irritated and swollen every time.

After 12 days on BEVOKE programme, I have witnessed the improvement to my problems. My stomach had flattens, indigestion gets better and no longer constipate. I am happy to see that my skin texture improves as acne and pimples have reduced within such a short time. Surprisingly, my dark eye circles have lighten too, and my skin have became firmer and brighter especially my arms. BEVOKE resolves my health problems and I am looking forward to welcome the ‘healthier and prettier’ me after the transformation!


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