Celest Ng Chuie Yen

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Before started on the KetoEssentials weight management programme, I always had to wear clothes sizes from L to XL. I could not wear tight-fitting clothes like my younger sister, as she was slimmer than me. However, after KetoEssentials and Beauty Essentials programme, I realized all my clothes seems to get looser and became too big for me! I had lost 5kg within 2 months! I am one size smaller and I can wear my favorites clothes now, which is a shocking result to me. After losing weight, I had the ideal features of V-shaped face, and a more firmer skin. My family and friends feel that I have become prettier and they mistaken me as my younger sister. I am now a more confidence person with my slimmer body and glowing skin.

Celest Ng Chuie Yen, 26 years old, Selangor, Malaysia
“I am one size smaller now!”