Cecilia Goo

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I am a food lover, especially breads and snacks. These high calories food and inactive lifestyle costs my weight to increase gradually. My face became bigger and double chin started to appear too. My body shape started to change and I could not fit in the clothes that I have bought anymore. These changes had motivated me to lose weight. Thus, I started KetoEssentials weight management programme and I managed to lose 5kg in just 7 weeks! Most importantly, this programme does not requires exercise. After 7 weeks, my arms became smaller and my back fats have reduced too. I realized that “XL” size clothes are too loose for me and I am able to wear size “L” now. I am really happy that I could wear a smaller size clothes. I look younger now, and my wrinkles have lighten too. My friends noticed my transformation and that what made me more confidence. Besides, I used to have unpleasant toilet experiences due to constipation and it troubled me a lot. KetoEssentials helped to improve my digestion system and my constipation problem has finally relieved. I will definitely continue with this weight management programme to lose more weight. My goal is to wear a dress that I have bought 12 years ago!

Cecilia Goo, 38 years old, Selangor, Malaysia
“KetoEssentials does not requires exercise!”