Amy Yong

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I was overweight for years and I used to look older than my actual age. I have decided to join KetoEssentials Weight Management programme to get rid of the stubborn fat that I have gained from giving birth to my three children. After the programme, I managed to lose a total of 17 kg! After that, I started consuming BEVOKE to maintain my body weight. It has been a year and a half now and I am glad that my body weight is still well-maintaining and there is no weight lost rebound. Apart from that, dark circles under my eyes have lighten too! My complexion becomes more radiant and my skin tone is now fairer and I look much healthier. BEVOKE makes me feel energetic everyday and my whole body looks firmer as well. Now, I look much younger than I am. I personally feel that BEVOKE tastes really good. Keeping it simple, I am maintaining my weight and health by drinking BEVOKE everyday.

Amy Yong, 45 years old, Sarawak, Malaysia
“There is no weight lost rebound!”

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