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Before I know about KetoEssentials Weight Management program, my weight was at 72kg and suffered from cholesterol problem. I am very skinny but I have a pot belly. This may be due to the reason that I love to eat Indomie at night when I was a teenager. Mainly due to my health problem, it has motivated my wife and I to start taking KetoEssentials weight management program. After taking 2 boxes of KetoEssentials, I have successfully lost a total of 6kg and what surprises me the most is my pot belly is no longer there! Now I feel younger, better looking and more energetic than before! The most important thing is that my cholesterol level has become normal! With KetoEssentials Weight Management program I have achieved a flat belly. In just a short period of 2 weeks, my cholesterol problem has also improved. I am very happy!